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This LIVE TIK TOK reading is carefully designed to help you connect to loved one(s), spirit. guides, and/or angels. In the reading, you can. gain a greater understanding of your current energy state, journey, and answers to specific questions. This can help you release mental blocks, reduce limiting beliefs, and pivot out of voids that are blocking you from manifesting miracles into your life. 

Delivery is LIVE on TIK TOK or available as a PRIVATE EMAIL VIDEO

Each reading will have:

  • Mediumship
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Oracle Reading

You can focus your reading on a particular question about your path, relationship, money, or it can simply be a general message.

Delivery will be in be given LIVE on TIK TOK.

If you are unsure of your question but are called to have a reading, contact me before purchasing and I will happily work with you to formulate a question or query that feels right for you. This will also allow for a quicker delivery.

After you purchase this listing, please: *Make sure you have included your question and any information that would help me. understand your situation. If you would like a general reading, let me know you just want a general reading. My intuition and the tarot cards will always provide you with information to clarify and offer direction. *

I will deliver your reading

After receiving your reading, please let me know if you have any feedback. If there is an issue, I will happily work with you.

- About Tarot and Oracle Cards -

Tarot and oracle decks are a form of cartomancy, that is divination with cards. Tarot decks follow a structure that is hundreds of years old, utilizing a 78 card structure, with each card having unique traditional meanings.

Oracle decks are each unique, with their own structure and individual purposes.

While tarot and oracle cards have their own written meanings, the importance of a tarot reader is how they bring their unique perspective to the traditional meanings to intuitively craft a message meant for the client, where they are on their journey.

A common question for the tarot curious is what questions can be asked of the cards, and the truth is... pretty much anything!

Tarot is a great method for exploring relationships (family, friends, and love), jobs and your career, your spiritual journey, personal development, emotional healing, planning, making sense of the past, preparing for the future, setting intentions, and carrying out projects.

To get the most out of a tarot reading, it's important to know what you want out of the reading. So what if you don't know what you want exactly, besides guidance? That's ok!

You can also have a general tarot reading done instead of asking a particular question, I instead receive a general message or guidance, delivered through my guides, known as The Council, Angels, Goddesses, and deities, that is meant for you.

This could be a loving reminder, something to focus on, or reassurance or feedback on your path.

If you feel called to receive a reading, but still aren't sure what to ask or how, please feel free to message me. I'm happy to help you craft a question or focus area in order to deliver a reading that is of service to you.

Please note:

- All readings are delivered on Tik Tok or can be delivered as a PRIVATE EMAIL VIDEO. 

- Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

- All sales are final. No refunds. 

- I take my work very seriously but do be aware that because of the nature of tarot, I cannot guarantee any outcomes, nor am I responsible for what you choose to do with the information.✨