LIVE Tik Tok Reading


Life gets challenging and sometimes you need help gaining perspective. Let my intuitive guidance and tarot reading help to TRANSFORM and CLARIFY your circumstance

What you will expect:

  • Love, Money, or Health Clarity
  • Clear Negative Energy 

LIVE Tik Tok Medium Reading 

Feeling stuck? Need clarity? Want to connect to loved ones? This is a MEDIUMSHIP + TAROT reading that can help you pivot and transform your energy. Delivered LIVE ON TIK TOK or via email:

  •  Mediumship
  • Tarot + Oracle Reading
  • Clear Negative Energy

What clients are saying...

You were spot on! I love the advice you gave me as well. I love my manifestation action plan. Thank You!

Katherine Shen

I have to say that this woman is one of the most incredible readers I have ever met she has such incredible insight. Definitely an Earth Angel .”

Andy Miller

"This reading gives me hope, if I exercise patience things will be rectified, lies and deceit will be overturned. Thank you so much!

Sandra Foster Larmour

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